Are you having trouble creating content?

Are you struggling with content ideas?

What about JUST GETTING STARTED? Are you finding it difficult to simply press RECORD and authentically express yourself into your camera?

I get it. I struggled with the same things as you are now but you want to know something... The struggle aint real, my friend. The struggle aint real because what’s keeping the ideas out of your head, what’s keeping you from pressing record and sharing your mind with the world is all a MIND GAME being played by your own brain. 

None of it is real. 

It’s all an illusion. Like what Albert Einstein said “reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

What that means is : your reality - mind games included - is an illusion, its all made up in your head. 

We’ll expand on this more at a later time. In the mean time you can watch and rewatch the video above to help you begin creating content and begin anything else you’ve been putting off. You can also find plenty of related articles on @thinc_ and @robreynosa_ on INSTAGRAM.

Enjoy, my friend.

Conscious Creators, We are the future.

Your friend, 

Rob Reynosa


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