Adversity filters out the weak

Jun 29, 2018

 When things don't go as planned or when the tides drop and tables turn, that's when you get in touch with your real self, that's when you get to see what you're really made of - you'll either figure out a way to get through the obstacle or you'll figure out a way to justify why what you're going for "is not meant for you" at this time.

Adversity is a gift, it's a moment that offers you the opportunity to get clear, to refocus and redirect your creative energy.

Its a filter of sorts. It filters out the weak from the strong, the committed from the interested.

I wouldn't label adversity as being a "test" but rather it being a gut check.

I'm sure you can agree... adversity puts a nice little wrench in the mix, it interrupts the flow of things to show you a better way.

Just like how I introduce new ways of thinking to interrupt your current flow, to help you see a better way to live and create more consciously and be more intentional. 

It's a filtering process.

See it as that and you'll find yourself accomplishing more and appreciating the journey a hell of a lot more.

I welcome adversity and appreciate it because it makes me stronger.

What are your thoughts about adversity? Drop a comment!


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