The Difference Between Committed and Interested

“There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses - only results.” 

You may have heard many times in the form of a question : “Are you committed or just interested?"

You may have proclaimed many times: “yeah I’m committed! Of course I’m committed!"

Knowing deep inside you weren’t really committed, you were just scoping things out and trying to see how things would play out so you could decide later to go all in or not. 

I’ve been there too, I know how that goes.

You may already know this or you may not. This might be something you’re reminded of but you might not fully grasp and understand this...

Things in your brain change when you commit.

Your brain fires off differently, your minds resources become more accessible to you, your chemical makeup even changes when you commit, when you go ALL IN. 

There’s a shift in perspective, you see new patterns and different angles, there’s a level of awareness and higher intelligence you vibe with and because you vibe on this level, you become heightened in inspiration, ideas and effective action.

When things get tough, you get tougher. 

When you’re interested in something and haven’t gone all in, there is a high probability things will not go your way and you will quit before you reach your destination.


You will see and create every reason to not move forward beyond what you already know. You’ll use language to disempower you and most likely you’ll feel fatigued and discouraged before things get going and you’ll most certainly fall by the way side when things get tough. 

You see, things will never go completely your way whether you commit or straddle the fence, but you quitting while things get challenging and before your breakthrough... that has EVERYTHING to do with your commitment or lack thereof.

If you want to win and are willing to pay the price then you better go all in!

You’re going to pay the price anyway with time.

Whether you do or don’t do, time will reveal your efforts, time tells all.

So you might as well DO and GO ALL IN! 

By reading this you now have access to certain level of knowingness and by knowing this truth you have a responsibility to commit to your journey. 

Did this help you become aware of your power and responsibility? If so, let me know below or at [email protected] 

Continue expanding,


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